The Open Landscape team invites you to take a tour together to different experienced producers to learn about different models to sell your product in a legal and profitable way even as a small producer. We hope to get some interesting ideas, have a good time but also discuss some issues we have in common.

At Bio-Moșna, the Schuster family’s organic, peasant farm in Moșna, we will meet Lavinia Schuster and her son. Together they run their small farm where they have set up one of the first gastronomic spots in the region, converted 2 children’s rooms into guest rooms and welcome groups and tourists to cook from their own produce.

Hoghilag Cheese – With almost 20 years of experience in cheese production with a company in Italy, Mr Ion Gherman has returned to the country and has set up a cow farm and an artisanal workshop in Hoghilag where he makes cow’s milk cheese “by the book”. We will visit him in his workshop in the market place in Dumbrăveni. Although he has encountered many administrative problems, he has not given up and is in the process of increasing his production to meet demand.

The last stop will be at Villa Rihuini Experience Wine house in Richiș, where we will meet Andrei Gheorge Alexandru. He is not just a wine producer, but combines his product with unique experiences for his tourists. His brother is also in the process of opening a local gastronomic outlet. Richis is also home to a community trying to promote each other so that as many people as possible can benefit from ecotourism in the area.

We will leave together on Saturday 17 February with a bus from Bârghiș, from in front of the shop located at the intersection of DJ 140 and DJ 106 at 10:30 and we will return there at 16:30. We can also organise transport to Bârghiș if needed.

If you would like to participate and for more information please contact us at tel: 0748-800.049 or e-mail: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you!

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