Together we stand for sustaining the open landscape of the Transylvanian Highlands. Open landscape means for us:

An open landscape for (agri)culture: A cultural landscape that can be cultivated, shaped and maintained by the people living in it, and thus can continue to be an important economic backbone for rural people and an expression of their culture.

An open landscape for (bio)diversity: A diverse landscape that allows people and nature to live together, thus preserving and further developing the unique biodiversity. Diversity should also be promoted on a cultural and economic level so that a resilient landscape is prepared for crises.

An open landscape for (basic)needs: A healthy landscape that provides the basic resources necessary for a healthy life such as fresh air, clean water and fertile soils for the people living in it.

An open landscape for (re)creation: An accessible landscape where people are able to recover, relax, move freely and express themselves creatively and artistically.

Our vision of this open landscape is one that has already existed here in the Hartibaciu region for centuries, but it is at risk of disappearing. This area is meant to be protected because it is unique in Europe, one of the last places where the richness and diversity of culture matches the richness and diversity of nature.