If you follow our posts, you’ll have heard us mention “moviles” already. But what actually are these strange mounds, how do they form and why are they so special?

Their formation is attributed to massive hillside slides (glimees) that occurred around the Pleistocene-Holocene era (12 000 years ago). The detachment of several elongated steps (copings) was followed by their stabilisation, then shaping (by surface erosion, erosion, torrential flow, shallow slides) and individualisation of the gullies.

Their distinctive shapes make the moviles a special and impressive landscape feature. Their shape varies and ranges from pyramidal formations in Apold to more or less rounded hilltops in Movile and Saschiz. The size and quantity of mounds you can find in the Hârtibaciu Valley is unique. The different slopes, which can reach up to 70°, make them a special habitat for many rare plants.
We know a few places where these mounds occur – do you know where we can find more in the Hârtibaciu valley?

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