A few weeks ago we visited a seed market at the house next to the synagogue in Medias. We were very happy to see so many enthusiastic people there!

It is a hugely important and time consuming job to produce these seeds. If all plants were grown for consumption rather than the production of seeds, then traditional varieties and species would disappear. Industrially produced seeds are often genetically modified and have patents attached to them, meaning you can not reproduce the plant you are growing by yourself but have to keep on buying industrial produced seeds. Without the commitment of these seed producers, not only would the diversity of varieties, which are often excellently adapted to local conditions, be lost, but also the independence of small farmers to produce their own seeds independently of the industry.

Markets like these are the perfect place to find plants adapted to the local climate and soils, and varieties that have evolved and been grown here for generations. So not only do you enjoy healthier plants and better harvests, but you are also helping to preserve local plant varieties. And thanks to the producers they even make them freely available. We think this is an important step towards preserving the cultural landscape!

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