With the intensification of the agriculture and influences from Western Europe, it is becoming a common sight to see huge agricultural machinery on some of the roads of the Hartibaciu Valley. Whilst we understand the need for development and the mechanisation of many practices that have been carried out by hand until now, we see this as a step too far, too quickly. A machine this size is not needed for the size of the arable fields in our region.

Even on the main roads, they consume well over half the road, whilst on the smaller village roads, it is often impossible to pass. Horse wagons are still used by many peasants in order to move and farm their land and these machines not only endanger this way of life, but also some of the important old heritage buildings in this area. All in all, the infrastructure is not designed for a vehicle this size and the society has not been able to keep up with the advancements of the agricultural sector due to huge investments being poured into these developments.

There are also ecological threats to using these massive machines. They cause massive disturbance, especially during the breeding season, to ground-nesting birds and other animals. Nests, eggs or young animals cannot escape and are often damaged. The soil is also compacted causing problems with water drainage and plant growth, after years of using these machines, the soil is sometimes too compact for roots to get deep into the soil to access nutrients and water.

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