Have you wondered how we get all the footage of the animals in our videos?

The secret is camera traps, remote devices setup to detect animals which pass in front of it, using motion and infrared sensors. It then takes pictures or videos of that animal, like having an unseen eye out in the wild. It is a fascinating way to see what exists in our region and to witness behaviours almost impossible to see first hand.

Autumn is the perfect season to put them out in the landscape to see what can be observed. Vegetation is low, animals have finished breeding and are moving larger distances to feed ready for winter. We are using these cameras to better understand how animals are reacting to the mass scale electric fencing that is fragmenting our region. How do they move in relation to the fences? Can they cross them? Are animals changing their movement patterns and behaviour as a response?

We have lots more species and interesting footage to show you, so keep watching!

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