If you drive through the Hârtibaciu Plateau this summer, you can see in many places that massive ploughing has taken place. Many meadows and pastures have been illegally converted into arable land. Land sizes for future maize plantations are sometimes several hundred hectares, and often swamps and hedgerows have not been spared… in some cases even hills have been levelled or dug up.

We understand that some level of ploughing is necessary, but we find the speed and extent of this development very worrying. The meadows here in the Hartibaciu highlands are home to up to 90 species of vascular plants per 10 m² and are therefore among the richest habitats in the world! The hedgerows and marshes are home to numerous birds, amphibians and reptiles. All of these are endangered at the hands of large agricultural enterprises. If you see something similar and are concerned, please write to us.

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