Did you know how unique the meadows of Transylvania are? Scientists have discovered that some of our meadows are home to up to 98 plant species per 10 m², whereas in Central Europe there are often only less than 20!

As these plants form the basis for the rest of the ecosystem, it is not surprising that these meadows also host large numbers of butterflies, grasshoppers and other insects. These, in turn, attract and feed birds, mammals and reptiles. Walking through the meadows of Transylvania, you will understand that the meadow ecosystem is a complex network of close interactions between flora and fauna. We live in an area full of life, we have the privilege of living in a landscape that you can’t build no matter how much you invest. You can’t build it, but you can destroy it, unfortunately.
Like so much else in our landscape, it is subject to multiple threats. Agricultural intensification is the main problem. Too much fertiliser and too many grazing animals make it impossible for less competitive species like orchids and other flowering plants to survive. Seeding of forage plants and ploughing only encourages a small number of species, especially grasses, and the meadow turns from a wealth of life into a green desert! We need to rediscover that balance in which we and the landscape live together, as we have done for so many millennia.

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