For the third year running, we will be celebrating ‘Global Big Day’, an annual celebration of birds to find as many species as possible in 24 hours!

Our region, Podisul Hârtibaciului, is the largest and most important terrestrial protected area for birds in Romania. So what better place to spend a day birdwatching with friends and contributing to citizen science?

To join, you need a team of 1 – 5 people, a team name and it would be helpful to have at least one person in your team who knows something about birds (not a necessary requirement)! In the past we have had whole families, couples and friends take part, all with varying knowledge of birds. The important thing is not necessarily winning, but to get out into the landscape of our region and enjoy the birds and other wildlife it has to offer. You would be surprised how much you will see…

Our friends from TRANS.FORT will be holding ‘Night at the Castle’ at the church in Apold from 17:00, with live music, activities, exhibitions and refreshments. This is where teams will meet when they are finished and where the trophy will be handed over to the team with the most species observed…there will also be some other awards!

To register your team or for questions: [email protected] or +40763245257


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