That the human utilisation of natural resources can lead to more diversity in the landscape can be seen in many ways here in the Hârtibaciu Valley.

One nice example of this, are the clay and sand pits that you still find here in the surrounding of every village. Either natural or man-made, these openings not only provide the raw material for building materials such as bricks, tiles and plaster but are also vital for many species of animals. Bee-eaters make their nest burrows in the banks, reptiles lay their eggs in the sand and many insects and plants thrive in the disturbed, open soil. In the Hârtibaciu Valley we still have some extraordinary craftsmen that know how to create and work with these precious resources that the landscape just offers for free. Furthermore, these building materials do not create any “waste”. Demolition materials of clay and bricks can simply be backfilled in potholes on paths and thus entered back into the natural cycle – whereas many modern building materials have to be disposed with great effort and costs.

So by using clay and sand you not only save money in your pocket but you also help to maintain the habitats for these animals and plants. A wonderful cycle that hopefully continues for many more decades.

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