A while ago we heard from some friends that there was a huge oak tree hidden in the woods near Gherdeal, since then we have visited multiple times with friends but never thought to measure it. It wasn’t until Tibor Hartel gave us the encouragement to do so that we went with our string and tape measure to see just how big it was. It turns out this oak is the 6th largest in Romania with a circumference of 8.18m!

The sad part, is that this tree used to be part of an oak pasture, but now is slowly suffocating as the beech forest around it blocks out more and more light. It needs careful intervention from experts to cut some trees around it so that this remarkable tree can survive and continue to inspire others. We hope to get this action started soon!

If you find a remarkable tree somewhere in Romania, it can be very important to document it here: https://arboriremarcabili.ro/en/about-project/

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