In our region there are several Natura 2000 sites that are protected for various reasons. The two most relevant for us here are the Hârtibaciu Plateau and Hârtibaciu South-West.

The Hârtibaciu Plateau is the largest terrestrial protected area in Romania, second only to the Danube Delta, which is an aquatic ecosystem. It is a ‘Special Protection Area’ (SPA) for birds, as it is home to many rare birds such as the Lesser Spotted Eagle and the Corncrake. Obviously, protecting these birds means protecting their habitat and the whole ecosystem in which they live.

Hârtibaciu South-West is a ‘Site of Community Importance’, which is protected for traditional and cultural land use, but also functions as an important corridor for large carnivores. It is home to the largest wolf population in Romania.

These two sites are part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas across Europe. They are particularly important in the European context, as many of the species still present in large numbers here have been dramatically reduced or even disappeared in many other European countries. It is up to us to keep these species thriving and perhaps even help them to spread again!

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